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Legal notice

The webpage "Flamenca Pol Núñez" belongs to the company Lunares de Colores S.L.

Legal information

Legal data

Lunares de Colores S.L.
Company Tax Code: B90078155
Central office: Plaza de la Concordia, 1, 6º C 41002 - Seville - Spain

Registry data

This company has been registered in the Registry of Companies in Seville, Volume SE-98073, Book 5726, Page 179, Section 8, First Registration

Contactar con (Flamenca Pol Núñez) Lunares de Colores S.L.

Telephone number: +34 954.218.022
Email address: informacion@flamencapolnunez.es

Privacy Statement

Lunares de Colores S.L. commitment about privacy protection

For Lunares de Colores S.L., it is important to guarantee the protection, privacy and security of your personal information it is also important for the way in which we manage our company, in accordance to the privacy laws, data protection and data security in our webpages. We hope that the policy described in the next section will help you to understand what kind of information can be stored in Lunares de Colores S.L., how this information can be used and, who can share this information with us.

Personal information

Our webpage (Flamenca Pol Núñez), Lunares de Colores S.L. does not store any personal information about you (for example: your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address), unless you voluntarily decide to provide this information (for example: through a registration form or, in the case of the online shop, to purchase our products). If you do not want to submit any personal information, please, do not send it to us.

If you send us your personal information, we will use it to answer your requests, note your orders or, provide you access to the information of the specific account. We will also use this information in order to improve our relationship with the customers:

  1. We can store or process personal information, as well as share this data in Lunares de Colores S.L. for a better understanding of your business needs and, at the same time, improving our products and services; or
  2. We can (or a third party on behalf of our company), use personal data to contact you in relation to the products and services of Lunares de Colores S.L. and, providing a better support to your business needs, as well as carrying out some surveys for a better understanding about our customers needs and their profiles

If you do not want to submit any personal information to improve our relationship (especially direct marketing or marketing investigation), we will respect your choice.

We will not sell or rent your personal information to a third party.

We inform you that you have the right to access, amend, cancel or oppose to the treatment of your personal data, through a writing addressed to LUNARES DE COLORES SL - Plaza de la Concordia, 1, 6ºC 41002 - Seville - Spain or via e-mail to informacion@flamencapolnunez.es, along with a copy of the interested person's ID.

Non-personal information automatically stored

Our webpage incorporates Google statistics (Google Analytics) in order to monitor users interactions with this site.

When you access to our webpage, we can automatically (not through any data registry of a registration form), collect non-personal information (for example: the browser type and operation system used; the domain name of the original website; number of visitors, access time, visited websites, etc.) and, use this information to scan the usability of this webpage and improving its services.

Cookies - information automatically stored in your system

When you access to our webpage, we can store some information in your system through cookies in order to recognize you automatically the next time you access to our site.

Cookies can be useful in many forms. For example, they allow us to adapt a website focusing better on its interests or, avoiding that you have to introduce your password each time.

In case that you do not want to be recognized through your browser, please delete cookies from your hard drive of your PC, block cookies or select the option receiving notice before a cookie is stored.

Children's privacy protection

Children must not send any personal information without previous consent of their parents or tutor to the website of Lunares de Colores S.L. Moreover, we support all parents and tutors to teach to their children how to use correctly personal information on Internet. Lunares de Colores S.L. will not store or consciously use any personal information sent by children for any purpose, including third party remittance.


Lunares de Colores S.L. takes safety measures to guarantee personal information security and, it makes an effort to carry out strictly. We protect your personal information from lost, destruction, falsification, manipulation and, non-authorised access.

External web services

Lunares de Colores S.L. webpage can contain external web services. Lunares de Colores S.L. is not responsible for the privacy statements or other websites contents.

Questions and comments

If you have any comment or question about the privacy statement of Lunares de Colores S.L. (for example: about reviewing and updating your personal information), please contact us. Our privacy statement can change according to Internet advances. We will introduce changes in our privacy statement in this site as soon as changes will be done.

Conditions of use


Lunares de Colores S.L. has the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in its websites. It can also limit or not allow the access to this information.

Lunares de Colores S.L. holds the property rights, the intellectual property rights, and the industrial property rights of this webpage, of its pages, screens, information contained, of its appearance and design, of its brands, logos and its products and service, unless otherwise specified.

Lunares de Colores S.L. expressly prohibits copying, duplicating, distributing, marketing or any other activity for a public use purpose to be realized with the contents of its webpages, even if the sources are exactly cited, unless the written consent of Lunares de Colores S.L.


Pages and contents can contain errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Lunares de Colores S.L. does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or truthfulness of contents or any statement or information published in its webpages. You accept that any decision, once this warning has been made, will be at your own risk.

Lunares de Colores S.L. is not responsible for possible inconsistencies between the printed documents and the electronic version published in its webpages.

Lunares de Colores S.L. is not responsible for those information or contents not to be created by Lunares de Colores S.L. That is why, it does not face any damages caused by the usage of this information.

Lunares de Colores S.L. is not responsible for damages caused by the usage, access or misuse of the website contents.

External web services

Lunares de Colores S.L. can provide links to other webpages directed by companies or people not related to Lunares de Colores S.L.

Lunares de Colores S.L. is not responsible for the contents published in these websites. In case that you decide to visit any of these sites through these links, it will be at your own risk. It will be your own responsibility to take protection measures against bugs and other destructive elements.

Lunares de Colores S.L. or its sponsors, or even its associated are legally authorised to use registered brands, trademarks, logos or copyright symbols of Lunares de Colores S.L.; or even its affiliated and subsidiary companies.

Foreign users and applicable law

Contents of this website are controlled by Lunares de Colores S.L., from its offices in Spain. Lunares de Colores S.L. reveals the possibility that these contents cannot be suitable or cannot be available for using them out of Spain. The access to the contents of this webpage is forbidden in those territories where, according to the legislation of these places, contents are illegal. The access to this webpage out of Spain will be subject to the applicable legislation of that place. The use of this webpage or its contents is forbidden if it supposes a violation of the Spanish export laws and regulations.

For any controversy or conflict in relation to this Legal notice and Conditions of use, the Spanish law will be applicable.